NYC TATTOO CONVENTION 2015 HIGHLIGHTS from the Metropolitan Pavillion

These are some pictures from Saturday 6/13/15 from The Metropolitan Pavillion nyc tattoo show enjoy


NYC Tattoo convention 2014 March 8th was a hit

So I attended the NYC tattoo convention at the Roseland Ballroom on March 8th 2014. It was amazing and I got to meet so many people including Gus from tattoo nightmares and a bunch of clients from David Sena My friend Jessmakesart ~~~> won 1st place best color at the show which was amazing! My girlfriend jessica ~~~> got to meet Joe “Jersey” Meinwieser from the TV show tattoos after dark and big GUS from tattoo nightmares. Overall it was a great day with great people. 




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June was good


Met a legend in Spike Lee 


So did My girlfriend


Hangin out with fellow sneaker lovers from europe



Gettin robbed by my cat



Enjoyin days off wit my shorty



Cat walks



Makin new friends



speaking on behalf of my union at a city council meeting



Getting to meet the real politicians who do the real dirty work in NYC Robert Jackson



And being able to spend time with my Loved one. Thx you for making me happy and showing me the fun side of dating…Love ya lady

Tattoos and Cats


Spent some quality time with my Mister the cat



Slip on paisley cant go wrong


Yogi likes biting things. He’s learning


Finally done with my leg visit david sena site





2009 August purchased apc new cures finally ripped and i used G & G tailors to fix em (same tailor apc mercer uses to fix there buy back jeans)

Birthday gifts and celebs

My lady took me to see Jim Norton for a birthday surprise

Then i cut my hair off

Then i met terry richardson

Then Yogi got named at my bodega

Then copped dem United Arrows 1500s


Follow my boy Leo at and support his new brand

My lovely Girlfriend (follow her by the way) calls me and shows me this pic and says i met Ricky Gervais so of course naturally im jealous but not even 10 minutes later i meet……..

Jon Stewart! He was helping raise money for a animal shelter in need so i donated and got to chill.. so i think her celeb spotting was better but im happy were two lucky people at the right place right time…

stussy crew follow these guys 

My birthday weekend and a NY Yankee home opener

Had a very calm and peaceful drama free birthday this year in my casual wear!

If you’re a human you enjoyed Andreas death as i did 

My Girlfriend treated me to the NYC Yankees home opener vs Boston who whooped dat ass…Go Boston


Brought out da heat carhart syndicates for the yankee game and had to rock shorts to let the new tattoo breathe

on a side note its nice to see NYC never changes even when there’s a glimmer of hope it’s always a reality check on the train