My new best cat friend!

Bodega around the corner had a tiny kitten that was all black and loved to be outdoors instead of indoors so unfortunately they had to give her up for adoption. But on the other side of this, this lil boy was adopted and loves attention and being indoors.

picture says  enough



New best friend


Take your vitamans the flu is no joke!

                                                     Took a trip downtown today but was very uneventful

           Since everyone is going crazy after the CDG x Supreme release i figured bring these old collabs out

                              Wore this OG 2008 Varsity for the first time yesterday and it fits great

                                               Don’t wear my Supreme x Nike SB bruins much so took em out

My boy Jay and i spent the week sick. But he was flossing with the CDG x Supreme Collab. Feel Better bro.

                                                            Watched some porno

                                                 Queen Chinky makes the best of all my delivery boxes

Sunday funday Downtown trips

 Hung out with the homie Piffmanchamp for the day

Whipped out my New Balance Kennedys for the trip downtown

  Got off the Museum Natural history stop on the train to show the artwork.

  No lines what a miracle! Stopped in to see what was poppin

Hit up Stussy to visit my people

      Hit up BAPE NYC 

Ate some Tacombi

     Went directly for sweets after mexican food

 Met this little boy today 5 year old Teacup Pomeranian


Weekend stroll in NYC finna tourist trap

  Took a walk from LES to the west side and stopped on Rivington to snap a pic



        Brought out the New Balance x Concepts for the long walk


 Stopped by Union Square to dog watch 

  Farmers market was crazy but copped dem apples

       Empire state building blah blah meh

Visited my Jay at Big Booty Bakery on 23rd street to cop a cupcake

   Bought some wheat grass for my lovely ladies

In the end went to the french macaroon spot to get sweets

Weekend of Tattoos

Went to get tattooed today at the world famous studios located here in nyc By David Sena. Met up with a friend before my session to chill.

David free handed most of my body so here he was constructing the proper placement for certain aspects of this lower shin scene

We spent a total 3 hours sketching and tattooing the final pieces of a 13 year project.

I’m super excited to finish this work of art by David Sena and finally bring this 13 year journey to an end. Here’s a look at the outline. Please check out my artist work on Facebbok under senaspace and his website